Mumbua, Form I, Loreto High

Mumbua comes from a single-parent family where she is the only child. Her mother is unemployed and sometimes does casual jobs to earn a living. Mumbua has been through traumatic times in her community because of her upbringing. This, however, has not hindered Mumbua in performing her best at school.

Mumbua comes from the Eastern part of Kenya, which is a semi-arid area. This area has not seen rainfall since 2006 and many Kenyans living here depend on the relief food from the government and non-profit organizations. Several people have died (Mumbua’s relatives inclusive) due to hunger. SA came to know Mumbua through a “Friend of Starfish” who has been instrumental in looking out for sponsorship opportunities for needy students in Eastern Province.

Mumbua scored 409 marks out of 500 in the Kenya Certificate Primary Education which got her a place at Loreto High School. This is one of the top National Schools for girls in the country. This was an exceptional score considering the challenges that faced her at the time of the exam, including having to go without food for many days while attending school.

Mumbua says that what is important for her is “to study hard and thereafter get a job to help her mother in any way possible so that she can earn respect from the community. She will also strive to be a role model to any child born out of wedlock by showing them you can be anything God wants you to be despite coming from a single-mother family.”

Mumbua aspires to be a doctor in the future.